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Perle d'acqua Park

The Montecarlo Hotel supports its guests wellbeing. Anyone staying for a minimum of 5 days will receive a free entry voucher to the superb sulphur spring spa that is the core of Riccione Terme Group. The swimming-pools of the Perle d’Acqua Park Resort offer all the benefits of Riccione Spa waters that are absolutely unique and kept at the constant temperature of 30° C, sheer bliss!

Not just relaxation and fun at Perle d’Acqua Park Resort;

thanks to their fabulous mix of minerals, these pools are an extraordinary resource capable of conveying beauty and wellbeing too. These waters are indeed exceptionally rich in minerals and will make your skin naturally pure, tonic, smooth and velvety. besides their relaxing effect on muscles will help loosen tensions in both body and mind, leaving you a great feeling of harmony and balance.


The large pool ‹

Surrounded by dunes of sand and multi-colour shrub, discover the Large Pool! 800 m2 of sheer bliss, emerald green water at 30°C enriched with a valuable mix of spa salts, 80 cm deep along the edge gradually going deeper toward the centre, 27 water jets in a fan arrangement to enjoy the flow of stimulating hydro massage. But not just that, at set times the Perle d’Acqua Park holds water fitness classes every day with instructors so you can regain your energy and strength.


The 7 Rainbow Cascades ‹

Seven emotional water cascades for the seven colours of wellbeing: the relaxation trail of Perle d’Acqua Park goes through the colour red, orange, yellow, green, light blue and dark blue, amidst cascades and hydro massage jets, to bring back the pleasure of a perfect union between body and mind.

    Children pool ‹

    At Perle d’Acqua Park the little ones have a pool all for themselves! They can splash and have fun in all safety as the junior pool is 60 cm deep! Kept at the pleasant temperature of 30°C, it is also suitable for non swimmers and children can play freely in the water, either alone or with mum and dad. This is a place where children can truly have fun, splash or learn to gain confidence with water thanks to lovely inflatable mates.


    Revitalising water trails ‹

    Have you ever experienced 140 meters of sheer bliss? At Perle d’Acqua Park you can experience just that by exploring the longest multi-temperature Revitalising Water Trails in Europe! Four long lanes of water trails where to feel stimulated by fabulous hydro massage systems and varying temperature zones.
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