where the sea provides a very different sensation when seen here

Our rooms

Each room is the result of a different desire, and that is why they are all different… the sea, music, years gone by and years to come… memories of grandma, food and sharing a laugh with friends…

Immersing yourself in our rooms will be like a journey, and for those who really want this, we are sure we can take you to a far away time full of memories and emotions, the smiles seeing the kitchen utensils your grandma used to have or seeing that wardrobe like the one our parents had…

a journey made up of smiles and the desire to find time for yourself

.. because if there’s a time for everything, there’s also time to remember and be ourselves…

Welcome, make yourself at home...

Junior Suite

Designed to bring the sea into the room. Situated on the corner of the hotel, they overlook the sea and Riccione harbour.
Composed of a sleeping area and relaxation area with comfortable armchairs and technological services at hand.



Exclusive furnishings studied in detail, floral wallpapers, soft light to create a relaxing environment away from the chaos. At the same time you’ll find all the technology you need, such as mobile phones and record players with plenty of vinyl to listen to.

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Offering all the services of a 3 Star Hotel, but with the exclusivity of a breathtaking view. Furnished with attention to detail and simplicity that will make your stay relaxing.

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