where the sea provides a very different sensation when seen here

Boutique Hotel

We dreamed of a “Boutique Hotel in Riccione“, we created an environment that distinguishes us but which at the same time is intimate and certainly a little unconventional…

There is no such thing as a boutique hotel without a strong identity, so we decided to go for it and pull out all the stops.

The atmosphere at the Montecarlo Boutique Hotel in Riccione will captivate you. We have selected a number of personalised services to make your holiday as comfortable as possible.

You can choose different types of pillows according to your personal preferences.

You will find in your room a mobile phone at your complete disposal for the entire period of your stay, so that you can call and surf theinternet without limits, keeping in contact with the hotel 24 hours a day if you take it with you around the city.

Record players, radio and vinyl will welcome you in your rooms, allowing you to enjoy the sunset with the sound of music…

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