Our smiles and our values

where the sea provides a very different sensation when seen here
Our Smiles

Our Smiles

Giada, Marsela, Michele, Raffaele, Lilli.. are just some of the members of our staff, who do their very best to make your holiday a memorable one.

Our smiles and our values are those of our collaborators, standard bearers of our history, of who we are and what represents us. Discover them here, find them during your stay and take them home with you as a memorable experience.



Giancarlo & Brad are in charge of things here, but it’s Brad who clearly runs the show (i.e. the dog) … bipolar with personality disorders, these are just some of Giancarlo’s many flaws. Clearly Brad is the opposite. So, if you need anything, please turn to Brad, he will surely be able to accommodate you.



Giada and Marsela, will be the first to welcome you. They are the soul of the Montecarlo Boutique Hotel, they were the first to roll up their sleeves during the renovation, and you will also find their touch in many of our rooms. They advised, helped and motivated us every day. Do they have any particularities? They are always laughing…but really when we say always, we mean always…


Elena is our dining room manager, always smiling and optimistic. She will be here to help you from breakfast until late in the evening, with her speciality: Cocktails… please meet our BarLady…



Leo is the artistic soul of the hotel. He takes care of everything. He organizes themed evenings, cooking delicious dishes in person. He checks that your rooms are tidy and fully functional upon arrival. He doesn’t stop for a moment, keeping up with him is no easy feat.


Lilli is our rock, a volcano of energy, she doesn’t stand still for a moment. She will take care of your rooms with love and attention. Be careful, she talks a lot… too much…

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